[Pattaya] How to get from Cozy Beach to Koh Larn? - Thailand

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How to get from Cozy Beach to Koh Larn?
How to get from Cozy Beach to Koh Larn?

From the hotel to the pier. Take a minibus and drive towards Walking Street (WS). Get off anywhere and walk to the pier for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes minibuses run from WS straight to the pier, so you can try to wait and, accordingly, then you need to get off closer to WS. From the pier to the island. On the pier there is a ferry from 7: 00 with a frequency of 1 hour, and more often according to occupancy. Cost: 1 way 30 baht. Travel time: 40 - 60 min You can sail away on a motor boat (speedboat) immediately to the beach you want. Cost: 150-300 baht and above per person (it is possible to agree that the price includes the cost of a round trip) Time: 15 min. From the pier (Tawaen Beach) to the desired beach Leaving the pier to the beach, passing by 7/11, then on the right there will be an alley from where you can go to any beach on the island. Minibuses and motorcycle taxis are on duty there. The cost of a motorcycle taxi is 40-80 baht. The cost of the minibus is 30-40 baht. Take a moped for 200-300 baht / day (as a deposit - money or a copy passports, it is not recommended to give the original). Back - the last ferry from Tawaen at 17: 00; from Naban at 18: 00.

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